Florist at work: pretty young blond woman making fashion modern bouquet of different flowers
Merry Moments
April 27, 2019

Sunday Fun Day | Send Mama Some Love!

We know what Mom wants for Mother's Day. Trust us… there are lots of moms over here on Team Orange! Alright, sending her on an…
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Wedding Wednesday
April 25, 2019

Wedding Wednesday | Warm Wedding Welcome

Bring in the furniture! A little staging can take an otherwise stark space and turn it into a warm (and memorable) welcome for your guests.…
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Merry MomentsMerry Monday
April 22, 2019

Merry Monday | Behind the Scenes at Trisha’s Tailgate

Alright y'all, time for a little behind-the-scenes action! We're fresh off Trisha's Tailgate Gainesville and wanted to give you an inside look at how these…
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Wedding Wednesday
April 10, 2019

Wedding Wednesday | Something Blue

Have a favorite color you want to carry through your wedding announcements + theme + rehearsal dinner + reception? Here's the secret... don't overdo it!…
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CorporateMerry Monday
April 8, 2019

Merry Monday | Rally the Recruits!

Yes, we  know... it's only April. But guess what? Collegiate football is a year-round affair! And that's where Team Orange comes in. Our job is…
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