Listen, we love a big wedding with all the bells and whistles. We love doing the most. But there’s just something about a small wedding that makes our heart sing.

Arielle and David got married this past weekend in Notre Dames’ Basilica of the Sacred Heart and gathered 16 of their closest friends and family to celebrate in “Seven on 9” (hellloooo rooftop and stadium views).

The Tokorcheck wedding forced our creativity a bit in our PaperThread Studio. We played with perforated and torn edges as well as a gold overlay. With gold on our fingertips, we were so happy with how they turned out. P.S. Did you know that  PaperThread is our in-house Graphic Design Studio?  We design.  We edit. We customize. We print. We layer. We make papery-magic happen!

Check the inspiration for their name cards and menus + the final result. When Arielle arrived in the studio to pick up some items, she was delighted. “It’s so pretty!”, she squealed.



We like pretty things and bringing people joy. At the end of the day, that’s what it’s about for us.



We also did two separate soft seating lounges for these love birds. The early Indiana summer decided to show off.  It was beautiful outside so we warmed up the rooftop patio with furniture, pillows, throws, rugs and styling accents. FYI, every single piece in this photo is available to rent for your wedding or event!

Summer weddings are up and running so we’re up and running! You know where to find us for any and all your wedding ideas, last min changes and needs. 





Roll Call:

Event Space: Venue ND

Floral Design, Atmosphere, Lounges, PaperThread: Merry Me Events