Alright y’all, time for a little behind-the-scenes action! We’re fresh off Trisha’s Tailgate Gainesville and wanted to give you an inside look at how these gigantic tailgate tent parties come together. First things first: we work with an awesome team… Trisha’s people, Garth’s people and, of course, our Team Orange Tribe! After the inaugural Trisha’s Tailgate at Notre Dame last October, we jumped right into 2019 planning. That meant site visits in the snow, cancelled flights because of weather, tons of phone conferences and meetings and an obscene amount of logistics planning.

Then in March, it was time to literally take the show on the road. We loaded the entire tailgate (except for the tent and a few other items that are simply easier to rent from companies local to the tailgate location) into a giant semi truck at our design studio in southwest Michigan and sent it to St. Louis, Missouri. Unfortunately, high winds and lots of rain caused officials there to cancel that event about 5 minutes after we finished setting up. We were BUMMED. So we loaded everything back onto the truck and sent it west – to Glendale, Arizona! That tailgate was fantastic. Then back on the truck and east – to Gainesville, Florida this past weekend!  We’re changing up some of the design and planning components as we go, and adding unique, local flair where we can.

This whole experience has been incredibly rewarding and, in many ways, surreal. You’re used to seeing a lot of the pretty pics from these events, but keep scrolling for some of the action (read: not-so-pretty) shots of how we get to the finished product. We’re so fortunate to have your support and forever grateful to Trisha, Garth and their teams for believing in a small business from southwest Michigan!