This year certainly taught us some things, right? 2020 exposed us. It forced us to rest in the midst of so much unknown. It was a lot to carry. Our team was handed a lot this year, as well as our clients… and you. Pandemic forced many brides to reschedule or adjust their special days. Businesses were forced to cancel special Christmas parties for their teams. Notre Dame football certainly wasn’t the same without tailgate parties filled with food, drinks and being together.
We are a small but mighty team over here. We love our clients dearly and consider them family. So not only did we feel the loss on the business side, we also felt it in our face-to-face interactions.
Yet, through all of the mass disappointment, stress and fear, we find ourselves at the end of this year feeling thankful. Sometimes the loss of control is our best teacher… the unexpected, a gift. We’ve found just how much we care for each other on our merry team. There was a new-found appreciation for our team and clients working on the special events that did happen. We value beauty, celebration and togetherness even more, driving home a renewed passion in every detail of our craft.
Looking forward to 2021, there will surely be challenges and loss. But there will also be so much joy and celebration, and we cannot wait to be a part of that. We will carry all we’ve learned in 2020:
  • Less is more
  • Togetherness is everything
  • There is an important dignity in beauty

We will let these lessons permeate every interaction and obstacle the coming year throws at us.

We hope the end of this year leaves you feeling grateful as well. It’s been a tough one, no doubt about it. But it is our hope you will find some light, peace and hope as we step into another year together.