In case you haven’t noticed on your Instagram, Tik Tok, Facebook or Snapchat feeds, we’re right in the middle of what many in the wedding industry refer to as “engagement season.” Some 35% of all marriage proposals happen between December and March, according to a Brides magazine article, and we definitely see a correlation in the number of newly-engaged potential brides reaching out to us this time of year too! One of the biggest challenges they face? Choosing a date. We get it… some couples pick a wedding date with a special meaning, others choose a certain month or season and still others don’t necessarily care when they get married as long as they get the venue they want (but date plays a big role in that one as well).

We’re seeing a lot more couples opt for fall (September/October) wedding dates, with summer and spring months coming next on the popularity scale. Winter weddings (late November – early March) come in dead last. But if you can handle the possibility for cold temps, there are some huge upsides to getting married in winter, including these five:

  • Breathtaking photos. Snow on the ground makes photographs magical. Extra magical if it’s actually snowing in your pics! Also, winter sunsets are incredible… even if there’s no snow on the ground at all.
  • Your dream venue just might be available. Fewer weddings in winter when compared to all the other seasons means fewer people are vying for the ceremony or reception venue you really want. Some places even offer discounts during colder months.
  • An excuse to incorporate holidays. There is literally so much to celebrate during winter months… Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day to name a few. So why not choose a date near or on one of those days and theme the heck out of it?
  • It’s something different. How many spring, summer and fall weddings have you attended? How many winter weddings have you attended? Point made… winter weddings are unique and therefore tend to be more memorable for guests.
  • Less expensive travel. Depending on your wedding date, winter airfare and hotel rates are often less expensive compared to other months of the year. That’s a bonus for your guests and you, if you’re booking a honeymoon during that time!