If you’ve ever met Becky Savage, you know this about her: she is strong. She is brave. She is kind. She is fierce. She is beautiful. She is talented. She is a wonderful mother. And she is making a difference. Nearly three years ago, in June 2015, Becky and her husband Mike tragically lost their two oldest sons – Nick and Jack – to a deadly combination of prescription drugs and alcohol. Through their grief, Mike and Becky decided they wanted Nick and Jack’s lives and their deaths to matter. So the Savages started the 525 Foundation (5 and 25 were the numbers on the boys’ hockey jerseys).

Over the course of the past two years, Becky has spoken to thousands of people – including lawmakers, students, parents and celebrities – about the dangerous of opioids and the importance of educating anyone who will listen about just how bad the drugs can be.

The Savages also connected with other families who have experienced loss of a loved one due to an accidental drug overdose. One of those is NFL star Terry Bradshaw and his wife. Bradshaw’s wife’s son also passed away after overdosing on prescription pain killers and alcohol. Last Thursday, Bradshaw was the keynote speaker at the 525 Foundation’s first gala at the Armory in South Bend. Merry Me Events was honored to serve as the planner and coordinator as well as fresh floral designer of the event.

After the event, Becky Savage sent us a message saying, Cher, I am still on cloud nine! I cannot thank you enough for the incredible night! Everything was absolutely perfect! I have received so many emails… texts and phone calls and everyone had the time of their life. Thank you!

Keep scrolling for pictures from a very special evening we won’t soon forget!

Planning + Coordinating + Fresh Floral Design: Merry Me Events

Chairs + Linens + Chargers + Rentals: Burns Special Events

Lighting + Tech: Proshow 

Paperie: Lined Goods

Venue: The Armory