Alright. I know what you’re thinking. Graduation? Already!? Cool it, Team Orange! But hear us out. The end of this week is MARCH, y’all… and we’ve already booked some grad parties for this coming May and June. That’s only 2 months away. As the mother of a high school grad (my eyes well up just typing this) and an event planner, I know the stress and pressure that comes with all of it. Here’s what some of last year’s clients have to say about why they hired us for their graduation parties, if they would do it again and why you should consider it!

Q & A with Lisa – Mom of the Grad for Ally’s Southern Belle Soiree

Q: Why did you call Merry Me for your graduation party? 

A: I’ve enjoyed seeing MM’s creativity both on Instagram as well as seeing the work they do first hand at several events I’ve attended in person. I was looking for a group that was creative and attentive to the many details that come with a party, including the coordination for our caterer and rental company.

Q: What was your favorite part about working with Team Orange?

A: Their creativity was outstanding! I enjoyed working with Cher and Mo as they came up with the theme for Ally’s party and took their ideas from a story board to real life! I was also pleasantly surprised to hear them both say that it was important to them they not duplicate any themes or ideas among their clients. 

Q: What would you tell someone who is on the fence about planning & coordinating & decorating a graduation party on their own or hiring a professional? 

A: I would ask them to evaluate the personal time they have to devote to planning a party on their own versus outsourcing the work. For us, it was a no-brainer to hire Merry Me as I wanted to enjoy the day with our graduate and all of our family and friends that came in for the weekend to celebrate!

Erin M. – Mother of the Grad for Taylor’s Lakeside Affair

I had previously worked with Cher and knew of her talent. When thinking about my daughters graduation party, I knew what my plan was, I just needed help to get all the small details done. Particularly, floral arrangements, presentation of food and all the small added touches of decor to tie things together. I know that it was a huge hit and looked fabulous!!! We have another graduate next year and will be calling in 2020.