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How long have you been with Merry Me? 2019. I’m a newbie.

What is your favorite thing about the job? I used to work for a flower shop long ago and it brings back such great memories. Being around beautiful flowers and a great team – it’s just a perfect situation.

Married/Kids/Furbabies? Married, with adult children who have given me 5 lovely grandchildren. I’m blessed

Favorite thing to do on a day off? A great day would be coffee in hand and antiquing or salvage hunting with my husband. But equally as great would be watching any of my grandchildren at a sports event or performing!

I’m on a deserted island, here are the 3 things I take with me? Bob (my husband) he could build me a house and keep predators at bay, the Bible, and coffee.

Were you named after anyone special? I was named after my moms childhood friend’s doll, Christine.

Dream Vacation…? I’d love to go to France. Visit all the famous sites while indulging in French pastries.