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How long have you been with Merry Me? I joined in Summer 2019 – just getting my sea legs, but loving every minute of it. Talk about God’s timing… this job popped up (Thanks, Mo) just when I was feeling restless, my family was changing and I was searching for something of my own.

What is your favorite thing about the job? Being surrounded by such creative people! I am amazed EVERY. DAY. by their vision. They definitely inspire me to use the right side of my brain a little more. I also love that this job is fast-paced and never boring.

Married/Kids/Furbabies?  Married to my best friend and partner in crime for 27 years! We have 4 kids – Sydney (22), Macy (20), Quinn (17) and Belle (14). I’ve been lucky enough to (mostly) be a stay-at-home mom for a long time, but they grew up!! We also have 2 dogs, a kitten and a bearded dragon. ????

Favorite thing to do on a day off? I love running. My husband and I run together as often as we can and that has actually become our “date night!” I also enjoy not cooking, pinning projects on Pinterest that I’ll probably never do and annoying my teenagers with my off-key singing and my 80s dance moves.

Can you play a musical instrument? I have zero musical ability. Like, none! I even had to drop a class in college because I could not figure out how to play the RECORDER.

Oldest shoes in your closet? Shoes are my thang! I have lots of them and I tend to hang on to them – just in case. My oldest may be a pair of cowboy boots I bought on clearance probably 15 years ago. And in case you were wondering, I just pulled them out last summer for a trip to Nashville. Thank goodness I held on to them! Ha!