More and More grooms are stepping up and getting involved in the wedding planning. Not only are you marrying the woman of your dreams, you are throwing what is most likely the biggest party of your life! So why wouldn’t you get involved?  Here are a few helpful ideas to get involved in the wedding planning:

1. Be Inspired.

Today’s groom is becoming more and more involved in the planning right from the start. Gathering ideas on the web, researching vendors and getting involved in the details of the day are ways he can gain inspiration for the vision of their big day. Modern brides are just as busy with their careers as the grooms. The joint effort in brainstorming ideas is welcomed 

2. Write Your Vows.

If writing your own vows is something you think you might be interested in, be sure to mention this to her! This is a great way to really share how you feel. Not only with one another but, with your family and friends. If you don’t have someone to officiate the ceremony, consider interviewing those ordained or even asking a close friend to marry the two of you. What a wonderful way to personalize the service! Do your homework prior to sharing with her. She’ll be pretty impressed that you cared enough to think this through.

3. She can’t read your mind.

If she asks for your opinion tell her. Saying you simply don’t care, can leave an unfavorable impression. She may ask if you like the color palette she’s considering. If you like the combination, let her know! If you don’t, recommend other option. It may not be what she had in mind for the wedding, but a perfect option for the rehearsal dinner! Practicing compromise is a good habit to get into. Remember the rehearsal dinner can be a completely different style from the wedding. So if it’s a Las Vegas Style Casino…. Then go for it!

4. Get Involved.

The tastings are a great way for the two of you to connect. This is one of those appointments every groom enjoys. Selecting the meal together is a wonderful way to make the wedding your own! Comfort foods seem to be your favorites? Mini gourmet burgers, pigs in a blanket, individual Mac and Cheese servings, and Ice cream cones served with cake have become popular choices for hor’s doueves and late night snacks. Allow your chef to get creative for your tasting. Cute food paired with great presentation, is sure to please your guests. 

5. Listen.

A good piece of advice for the wedding and beyond is to listen. There will be many things she will tell you about the wedding, and of course some are not as important as others but some are VERY important! She might not even verbally tell you but assume you know because she is under the impression that you actually read the invitation. Yes this has happened; I have heard the Groom ask the Bride at the rehearsal what time he needs to be somewhere and what time does the wedding actually start. 

6. Be the Hero.

Don’t forget to ask your planner for some help or ideas for the wedding night. Flowers, chocolates, champagne and lots of candles for your bridal suite will be the perfect ending to the perfect day. Putting something together for the honeymoon is another great way to surprise her! The possibilities are endless. What a wonderful way to show your wife how much you appreciate all she has done and remind her again why she said yes!

It’s always great to see a couple show up together for the initial meeting. Both are involved in the planning right from the start and making the event their own. It’s all about the two of you and what the two of you want, all while understanding and fulfilling the needs of one another.

 So to both of you, don’t forget to smile, sit back, relax, and enjoy the ride…. of your life (together!)

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