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Merry Monday | Wedding Traditions

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So many factors go into planning the wedding day, one is wedding traditions, from beginning to end, wedding traditions can be found throughout. Differnt cultures and individual families all have different things that they may believe will bring a lifttime of happiness or health to the newleyweds. 

Let’s start with the classic, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue, and a silver sixpence inside your shoe,” This traditional, tradition, is very common. Always a fun story to share where the 4 “lucky charms” orginated from! 

Bouquet Toss, is a fun family tradition, in which all of the single, or unmarried, ladies stand behind the bride while she blindly tosses a miniture version of her bouquet to them. They say whoever catches it will be the next to wed.

More recently, couples have done a anniversary dance, where all of the married couples dance and they will ask everyone who has been married for 5 years or less to sit down and then 10 years and so on until the oldest married couple is still dancing. Love this idea to honor the couple that has made it!!!! 

What is your family traditions that are done at all of your famlies weddings? 

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