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Merry Monday | Bridesmaid Dress RENTAL

By September 21, 2015June 17th, 2016No Comments

It’s funny sometimes you think you have struck gold with an idea, while thinking this past week about writing  and taking over social media again, my mind was thinking about weddings (and cake and decor and flowers and brides and bridesmaids and dresses….)  why in the world is there not a rental bridesmaid service? We have all heard of Rent the Runway but what about dresses for weddings that you are asked to be in, the ones that are generally over $200 and you don’t have much say so in choosing, unless you have a REALLY awesome bride who lets you choose a style or just tells you a color and fabric and let’s you go for it….. but that is pretty rare. Anways, How great would it be to be able to spend close to half of what you would have spent on a bridesmaid dress and just rent it and send it back. I don’t know about you but I have about 5 or 6 bridesmaid dresses that I most likey will not wear again…. 

Well I found the site that I thought was my idea, of course it alreayd exists…. all of my original ideas do. It’s called and it’s fabulous! You have to fill out a few things to enter the site, but check it out. This is a GREAT option, and free shipping and returns so if you are unhappy with quality send it back and have your maids go buy OR Give them the option (we like that.)

Thought this was worth sharing since girls that will be searching this fall and winter for their perfect bridesmaid dress for their upcoming spring or summer wedding! 

Now to find a place to sell my old dresses to…. oh yea, ebay! taken, again. 

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