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Merry Monday | Bride Mistakes

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It’s your special day and it’s all about you (and him) BUT there are so many others that are there to celebrate the two of you, so be sure to take everyone, especially all of your guests into consideration. If they traveled to be there make sure you have taken the time to spend extra time with them, help in hotel accommodations, and even transportation to and from the venue. Make them feel extra special by putting together, or have us put together, hotel welcome bags. Guests love to feel special!!!! 

Don’t include your registry on your invites, make a website and add that to your invitation and have a special section on there that has this information. Also, it is very common to have this information on your shower invite. I mean do you really want Bed, Bath, and Beyond on your invitation? I think not.

You don’t appreciate your bridal party, there is nothing worse than a bride who treats her bridal party as servants, these are your friends… best friends they want to enjoy every minute with you, by you, but not running to grab you a iced latte while you say “I do.” It’s your job to make them feel appreciated and it’s their job to want to help in any way they can, let them, but don’t demand. 

Ladies, get your hair and make up professionally done, make up and hairdressers know how to apply for the camera and not just everyday “natural” trust us when we say you may think this is not a necessity but you will thank yourself years down the road when you look back. 

What are some things you did or have seen brides do in the past that you would recommend to someone getting married?  Would love to hear from you! 

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