merry me events jacqueline

How long have you been with Merry Me? Not very long! However, I have admired the magic of Merry Me for four years prior to joining the team. Their events leave an indelible mark; one that’s not easy to forget!

What is your favorite thing about the job? I absolutely love getting to really know our couples and their stories. It’s a privilege to be chosen as an events team and entrusted with making a vision come to life. As a coordinator, you have the opportunity to walk alongside a bride and groom and bear witness as they prepare for their lives together. This day is as important to us as it is to them and details matter. Listening to and remembering important stories helps to spark creative ideas for thoughtful touches and details that will both surprise and make a lasting impression.

Married/Kids/Furbabies? Not yet, but one day! My significant other, Tyler, and I have been together for almost four years. He’s in Arizona working right now and one day we hope to get a dog and name him “Miles.”

Favorite thing to do on a day off? Going on a spontaneous mini-adventure. There are so many neat nooks and crannies to explore in the small towns around greater Michiana.

What was the best concert you’ve ever been to? Oh! The Decemberists at Milwaukee SummerFest in 2016. It was serendipity that they happened to be playing when Tyler and I were in town. They brought a massive paper cut out of a whale on stage to illustrate one of their songs. Very whimsical. I loved it. There also had giant pretzels for sale! What a great day.

If you could be an animal, what would you be? Golden Retriever. Hands down. Fluffy. Loyal. Dependable. Sunny Disposition. Likes Naps and Treats.

What’s a pet peeve off yours? I really dislike it when my socks get wet on the floor.