Rats are not respected creatures in these places- they are simply merchandise. If you don’t find what you’re looking for there, try the American Fancy Rat and Mouse Association’s list of resources for finding breeders. They tend to be ill educated and do not care for the animals properly. Always keep rats in pairs or larger groups. The most striking feature of the Dumbo Rat is his protruding ears. These rats owe their distinctive ears to a recessive gene called the dmbo gene. Rex fur is fur that is curly. Are you convinced these cuties are for you? Breeding Dumbo kittens is essentially the same as breeding other fancy rats. Most pet stores get babies who are sickly, that have come from bad parents. Dogs and cats for Sale, Puppies for Sale. Each baby is loved and treated like my own pet. Chances are, they will be patchworks. Apply the dumbo X standard ear rules above to determine whether or not the babies are dumbo. As well as toys and places to climb inside their cage, all rats need “free-range” time outside their cage every day to get exercise and stimulate their lively minds. Your rat should be strong boned with a long body. DekMan Rat Rex Dumbo. Buy and sell thousands of cute puppies looking for good homes, all across the USA. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. It has a week by week guide to help you know what to expect. So I went and got two more “males”… Again, didn’t check. If you think your rat smells, make sure his cage is clean. - Rats regulate their temperature through their tails. Saved by Cutest Paw. These rats will get as big in size as standard rats, but every rat is different. Dumbo only. Dumbos are essentially standard rats who have a genetic mutation (dmbo) on chromosome 14, which affects a number of physical characteristics: Ear placement – ears are displaced from the top to the side of the head. I have so many dumbo rats… So at the start of my journey with dumbo rats, I received a “male”. Therefore, dumbo rats can be rexed and rexed rats can be dumbo eared. Dumbo rat pets have this cool and calm demeanor, and they love playing with their human friends. That was because of stress when I brought the first pair home. Dumbos x3 babies to go 1=£10 2=£15 Rex coats x4 babies to go 1=£15 2=£20 X2 adult breeding... preloved.co.uk I figured the pet store people would be knowledgeable enough. If you have a litter of kittens to raise you’ll want to check our our article on caring for them. Dumbos x3 babies to go 1=£10 2=£15 Rex coats x4 babies to go 1=£15 2=£20 X2 adult breeding females ready to go and x2 younger... Favourite this Advert From their nose to the end of their tail, they can measure up to 18 inches! In a lot of ways I believe rats are better pets than dogs, and I am a dog person. You may have tight rexes, double rexes, or patchwork hairless. Rex rats were first bred in 1976, in England. Most domestic rats live in quite small spaces so it’s vital that its kept as clean as possible. The Ultimate Pet Rat Cage Review: My AMAZING Experience with the Midwest Double Unit Critter Nation, Dangerous, Poisonous Foods Rats Should Never Eat, Internal and External Parasites In Pet Rats, My Rat Has Lice or Mites: How Do I Get Rid of Them? But Dumbos’ ears are large, almost circular, and positioned much lower on their heads. Dit wil zeggen dat de beide ouders deze mutatie moeten dragen om dumbo's voort te kunnen brengen. Comme pour les autres rats domestiques, les rats dumbo mâles sont presque toujours plus gros que les rats femelles, bien que la taille exacte dépende du type de rat. Well, it all depends on the genetics of both rats, and their parents! Including a comprehensive guide to Dumbo rats as pets, Dumbo rat health and where to find adorable little baby Dumbo kittens. a Rex rat is a fancy rat with a wavy coat. The first symptoms are often noisy breathing, runny nose or eyes, and weight loss. Les rats Dumbo peuvent être de la taille d’un rat nain, pesant environ la moitié d’un kilogramme, jusqu’au plus gros rat domestique de taille standard, à environ 1 kilogramme. I have 4 female Dumbo rats (1 mom and 3 babies)Their mom is a Rex Dumbo and their dad is a regular Dumbo so they have Rex DNA it just doesn't show.Rehoming fee is $10 each or $15 for a pair $40 for them allThey are very loving and in need of a good home. This is most commonly true if they are the only rattery in their area breeding rats with that combination of features, and there is enough demand to warrant it. You’ll find a link to their official breed standard at the end of this article. dumbo rat rex wit hair mikk dumbo rat dumbo rats. While all of us rat owners love any type of rat, we all hold a special spot for the teddy bear rat; the dumbo eared rat! 1.1k. Because rats love to climb, a great way to give them more space is by finding a tall cage with lots of levels. Chèrry liefs Tilburg. Their name immediately evokes a mental image of their elephant namesake. The types of rats available include Dumbo, Hairless, Hooded, Albino, Siamese and endless other color variations. Therefore, dumbo rats can be rexed and rexed rats can be dumbo eared. Tele Savalas, the double rex dumbo hairless rat, getting a bath from Catherine. Here at Deansfield Rattery located in Staffordshire in the West Midlands, we breed for standard, rex and double rex in Russian blue, Russian blue agouti, black, agouti, red-eyed Siamese, red-eyed martens, powder blue, blue agouti (lighter than russian blue agouti) and russian dove mainly with dumbo ears … As we mentioned above, rats are best kept in pairs or in groups. They can weigh between 0.5 pounds, and 1.5 pounds, with males generally weighing more than females. All my girls are very healthy and active. This is probably because the first Dumbo breeders selected heavily in favor of docile temperaments when they first set up the breeding line. This is how you will get healthy babies with wonderful, docile attitudes. It’s super important to make sure your rat has a sanitized place to live. or blue eyes. colors; Dumbo rats will have either black or red eyes. That said, rats are rarely expensive to buy, because they are such prolific breeders. Nowadays rats with traditional ears are often referred to as “top-eared”, to distinguish them from Dumbo varieties. So they might want more money for a Dumbo with another desirable characteristic. I have 9 Dumbo girls or various markings, Hooded variegated, Silvermane, Down Under, Whiteside, Siamesse, Hymalian, Mink etc. The Firefly Rattery - Specializing in breeding healthy, happy, and well socialized dumbo rats. Honestly, feeder breeders MIGHT be a step up from pet shops, to be honest! The ASPCA recommends a minimum cage size of 2′ x 2′ x 2′ (60cm x 60cm x60cm) for two rats. However, dumbo is either hit or miss; while rexing is a diluted or concentrated gene. Rat adoption is a wonderful way to provide a Rat a second chance and caring environment. You can help protect your rats from respiratory infections by cleaning them out regularly, using dust-free bedding, and making sure they aren’t overcrowded. You could have standard furred rats, poor rexes, or even kinked rexes. Bacterial and viral infections run rampant, and any losses are quickly replaced with new litters. //