Hi #teamorange groupies! Lead floral designer Julie here… fresh off the plane from San Diego and still on a high from the instruction and education I experienced at last week’s Mayesh Design Star Masterclass Workshop with floral and event designer Shean Strong. This workshop was awesome. I got to play with some of the most beautiful blooms and experience several firsts: my first time seeing the rare Japanese Ranunculous, my first time designing a handheld bouquet in front of a mirror (this technique allows a wedding photographer to capture the best possible bouquet pictures since the arrangement is made facing forward) and I worked with the color wheel which forced me to pair purple and yellow – two colors I wouldn’t have chosen to blend on my own. As a group, the class created a greenery backdrop structure that looked like a garden creeping up windows and walls.

Cher and Kevin are the best bosses ever for allowing me to be part of this class. Continuing education is so important. And I can’t wait to incorporate the techniques I learned in California into my work here in our Michigan studio.