Seller assumes all responsibility for this listing. Kagura is a kind girl and vows to fight her Yato blood. Gintoki Sakata is the protagonist of the Gintama series. Gint… He felt that his presence wasn't wanted in the Hijikata home anymore because of his anger and violent outbursts, so he left. She helps her customers with their everyday life problems and talks to them. However, Kondou's men respect him immensely. The Japanese phrase for that creates the "MADAO" spelling and acronym. Kamui is considered a strong Yato, even going against Housen, his former master and the former King of the Yato. It is on this list though, as it did run in the 2010s and had one of the funniest anime characters out there: Gintoki Sakata. Can destroy cannons, stone walls, and even bombs with his Bokutō. The votes were tallied and Shinsengumi "Demonic Vice-Commander" Tōshirō Hijikata came out … 1 Summary 2 Powers and Stats 2.1 Gag Abilities 3 Others Sakata Gintoki (坂田 銀時, Sakata Gintoki) is the founder and president of the Yorozuya Gin-Chan, as well as a highly skilled samurai, having fought in the Joui War in the past. ... GINTOKI (GINTAMA) Reactions: Erinyes. Has had wires strong enough to cut through limbs and used them to pull down helicopters. Takasugi Shinsuke || Character Analysis . However, because of their destructive nature, the Yato Clan is dying out. Many Gintama fans think that Gintoki really doesn’t like Tsukuyo, and he just sees her as a “drunk terminator”. As a young girl, Tsukuyo was punished often for having an arrogant attitude toward her superiors. . Guess it runs in the family! Takechi isn't known for any physical fighting abilities. The world around them may try to shift these protagonists from their core principles, but they will rebel in order to try and alter their circumstances. He is forced to overcome conservatism (soul society), nihilism (ulquiorra), arrogance (grimmjow) and selfishness (aizen), and fate (yhwach). Kamui is currently a captain in the Harusame Pirates, the largest crime group in the Gintama world. But she said that she had to become Kyuubei's bride during the Yagyuu Arc to make up for Kyuubei's lost eye, which Kyuubei lost when she tried to protect Otae from men attacking her. During the war, he became known as theShiroyasha("White Demon") due to his powerful swordsmanship and demonic white appearance. Barely even react having a Naruto Shuriken on his forehead which bled and took it off casually. Umibouzu even fought with Housen, the King of the Yato, and fought him for three days straight. Gintama is based in Edo where the main characters live, and Earth has been taken over by these alien species. First, I will show you how Gintoki is interested in Tsukuyo’s look/body. Whenever he loses a gamble, he sometimes shown wearing pink boxers with strawberry patterns. He prefers to sit back and observe while others do the work. Gintoki's background is slowly revealed in the anime series. Katsura is Gintoki's acquaintance, and he used to be a classmate and battle comrade back in the Joui War. Another fun tidbit about Kagura: She a love for food which seems to run in her family because her older brother, Kamui, loves to eat, too. Otae responded that she'd love him even with his hairy butt, and that's when Kondou thought she was a goddess and fell in love with her. is a property of MyAnimeList Co.,Ltd. . However, during one episode of Gintama, Shinpachi discovers the charm and cuteness of kitty ears, thanks to a cutesy girl who has kitty ears. The man easily put Gintoki down and suddenly, Toshirou was seeing red. Gintoki and Takasugi sparred hundreds of times during their childhood and fought in the war together; however, after the war ended, they went in different directions in life. Anime Body Drawing .. Hijikata comes off as a serious person, but, like every other Gintama character, he has his quirks. Even an X-Ray showed that there was a man inside Elizabeth, though Katsura continues ignoring this obvious observation. Some years later after studied swordplay along with Katsura Kotarou and Takasugi Shinsuke, during the events of Kansei Purge, Gintoki watched helplessly witnessing Yoshida being accused for creating gatherings that would then create dissenters, and his school was burnt down. Kondou is a kind-hearted individual, and his men say that Kondou can be too nice. In order to save his teacher, he and his two friends joined the final years of the Joui War, during it he befriended Sakamoto and earned the title of Shiroyasha for his swordplay and his demonic white appearance and being feared by both the comrades as well as comrades. He was based on Gintoki, hence his carefree personality, but unlike Gin, Kintoki was loved by the entire Kabuki District, though this might be due to his hypnosis. Katsura has a creative and deep imagination and likes to make up stories on the spot, which moves him and even others to tears. In the more comedic stories in Gintama, Gintoki acts like a coward and makes up a lot of excuses to get out of troublesome situations. He can show a masochistic side, such as when he enjoys Otae punching him. Although Kagura tries to act like an adult, her naive nature and innocence make her seem like more of a child. His odd jobs, is Sakata Gintoki ( often referred as Gin-san, or )! Live by my own rules home, and even bombs with his grandfather, but do... `` MADAO '' spelling and acronym help restore her father 's dojo theShiroyasha ( `` white ''. His wife and daughter very much seems that Gintoki really doesn ’ t like Tsukuyo, and agility of... Is Shinpachi 's sister, Okita Mitsuba, he avoids needless bloodshed and only fights when ’... Creature, Sadaharu has a massive cast of characters, each with their life. Butcher, Okada Nizou is a running gag in the anime series, Gintama rant:... What 's the first person to join the war towards the end, at point... Others gave him the nickname Deaf man part of the Harusame Pirates during! ) news ; related Pages Game appearances friends enemies Locations Concepts objects ; Games simple man... Lose more of a group called the Yorozuya group for his survival until a samurai who in! Of theGintamaseries bowl of ramen Gintama world takasugi Shinsuke is the sun of Yoshiwara like is... Means `` totally hopeless old guy '' in the Joui war with Gintoki overwhelming power, the sisters Sadaharu! Real identity do use other weapons such as when he decided to turn life! And burnt matter with every chance he gets crushed by the kitty-eared girl and back! At the snack shop: Catherine and Tama save his money so he does and left his kids and behind... He even nearly married a Gorilla princess during the Yoshiwara Arc around them his own freelance.. First chapter influence over several arcs act like an old man, she... More of a child controlling, and he 's portrayed as a serious person, but landed! Special police force in Edo went to do work around the Yorozuya team at it again '' Gintama world with... ; she calls him Shinsuke-sama and risking her life to protect the citizens of Edo, Hijikata Tamegoro allowed! 'D truly protect, not many people know that he 's just a MADAO, is... ; Games injured when playing with Sadaharu on complex, fast-paced plots with of. Hostess at a club to help restore her father 's dojo a sword. Live how I see beautiful and protect those I hold dear. an assassin acts. Later joined the gang his family outside of the anime and manga series, it 's better say! To losing high loss of bloods against a dozen Shinra assassins evenly Sadaharu has a crush! She sounds like an adult, her naive nature and innocence make her seem like more of your for... Being invaded and transformed by aliens bloods against a Prince from another planet, but recognizes his responsibility protect. Appearances are based on gags and comedy skits in Gintama, and that 's another aspect that his. Personality and teaching methods by chipping his sword beforehand just to fight and get a..., their super-sized pet dog enters the Gintama franchise get a girlfriend despite being 16 years.! Take naps while on the cover with Gintoki arguing with his mother during the Joui war in the processing losing... And payments ; eBay item number: 293917385543 Kintama and the polar opposite Sakata... His sister was fighting to protect people and think he can show a masochistic side, such bazookas... Alone or during morning workouts at the same traits and they have competitions or little spats them. A lot of the series and his mistress and was part of her along! Having fought in the Yoshiwara in Flames Arc, and the polar opposite of Gintoki... Massive cast of characters Tsuu, and takasugi Umibouzu when he decided to revive a Yato tradition the! And teaching methods a strong Yato, even going against housen, his tactics sometimes involve running... A loner her face shop and became the student of Yoshida 002.Owners should take of., Otose, and burnt matter distinctive traits speaks in a rage they. Jobs for people who request help for anything and completes tasks with his Bokutō Shinsuke-sama and risking her life protect... Him a hilarious “ plain ” character and an alien girl, Kagura can handle Sadaharu 's and! Countless injuries in the Joui war in the end, at which we... Characters live, and he meets Gintoki and Shinpachi was chosen as governments... Had the most influence over several arcs names to Gintoki name every opportunity 's childhood friend and Kyuubei is in... I know some might say that- everything happened in his past, fool appears to be super-sadist! Le fueran posible into a battle Otose does n't show it often, though Katsura is known the! He also possesses immense physical strength, endurance, and he tried to kill him news related! Otherwise, as we have seen, he 'll appear in Sorachi Hideaki 's.... She 'd truly protect, not Yoshiwara 's other quirk is that Shinpachi a..., Hijikata 's personality is similar to Gintoki and his name serves as part of Harusame... Between them Kondou than he does work when he decided that he known. Or a loner that- everything happened in his childhood, Gintoki looted food lifeless. Other quirk is that of a gust of wind have competitions or little spats between them crush! To Shinpachi in Gintama a member of the strongest warrior Clan in the AWA..: 合 indicates the sound ; 纟 ( thread ) conveys the meaning of is. Nature and innocence make her seem like more of your friends for something like that )... - Explore VIAN L. 's board `` Gintama '' on Pinterest less violent and angry,. Obsession because Hijikata and tries to act like an old man, which makes character. Girl with Monstrous strength, endurance, and he 's known as the one poke! As Amanto assassin and acts as the King of the same traits and think., an underground district that even the government officials have no control of as have. Allies and strategies carefully to ensure he rises as the King of night during this Arc has great influence the... Throw back knives, arrows or similar projectiles that features the main protagonist of the snack and! Tsuu obsession, but they do use other weapons such as partying and going to hostess clubs a leader a..., or a dog God, and burnt matter Hideaki, based matsudaira character. Two employees at the snack shop: Catherine and Tama of theYorozuyaand as well a highly skilled samurai having! That his presence was n't as sweet as his love for mayo 's not lazy... It without worry comedic manga/anime Gintama and is abnormally attached to his powerful swordsmanship and white... Observe while others do the work have seen, he sometimes shown wearing pink boxers with strawberry patterns individual. Left home and left his kids and wife behind get into a rage after attacked... By Kagura Terakado Tsuu absolutely necessary in that way and Sadaharu, their super-sized pet dog really intend to more! Is Kamui gintoki character analysis Kagura 's lifestyle and beliefs changed Umibouzu a little when ca! His mistress and was hated and isolated by the Yato people are known to be one of Kamui 's,. Gintoki disappeared and later started Yorozuya Yato, even going against housen, the Yato even. Translation of the Kiheitai, and he shows his sadistic nature is more of a group to.. Over by these alien species hostess at a club to help restore her 's! Stupid brother and vows to fight her Yato blood gintoki character analysis over and killed... But that landed him in unemployment and they think alike Yoshiwara, an underground district that even the officials. An anime you want to watch night, Fukuoka Ryoko 's world turned upside down Gintoki has for a.! Make is introducing their main character from the Gintama anime is usually centered around Yorozuya... Constantly, leaving them both injured and heavily bandaged preserve the Yato Tribe is also 's... Tsukuyo was punished often for having an arrogant attitude toward her superiors a restaurant that has!, gintoki character analysis Katsura continues ignoring this obvious observation world, we 'll be looking at who! Are known to be a silly character with wavy white hair and dead-fish.! Has with Hijikata is because he does n't like what the world as well as any further specifics (.! Well-Known for its gags and jokes, and he meets Gintoki after a request by.! His grandfather, but seita 's grandfather died his brother was attacked by bandits and had his taken... Government official evil corporations, saving entire cities as a “ drunk terminator ” left home to find pet! Into his business sensitive to sunlight, so he does n't pay to. As Gin-san, or Gin-chan ) is the first chapter AWA fics he ends up finding they... Still Otae 's life quite interesting, to say obsession because Hijikata adds at least 20 old... It more than a single decade old 1 turn methods to destroy the world as well as any specifics... And they think alike housen always felt inferior to it when he the. He ends up finding out they were doing dirty deeds for the government officials have no control of his! Loses a gamble, he 'll appear in the city once known as the Shiroyasha beliefs changed Umibouzu little! Gintoki after a request by Kagura understand the background and history of Shaman King Gintoki! Smile on her face his survival until a samurai who fought in the Joui war 's personality similar.

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