Trudy – I have to say, I didn’t have this problem with Valspur. I went over them with the Minwax and it solved that problem too. I am painting my kitchen cabinets. 2. The paint is so super thick and easy to apply. they will also ensure your colors are match correctly and record them for you. Need to know where you are planning to put the paint so you buy the right kind. I’m in the paint business, and I can tell you most of the major brands all have quality product of some sort. They are little more than your cheap Behr and Valspar, but the time in labor you save and the durability of the products out weight the cheap crap in a can. If they would spend as much time on research and development as they do on propaganda they maybe able to produce at least a decent product. Mercy,,what a mess…to be continued. The quality is determined by the quality of the binder, resin and TO2. No price increase, right. My kitchen opens up into my living room and dining area; it’s almost like a studio space. life and never have I had this problem with paint it dries and the smell goes The paint didn’t cover and had to do two and three coats of paint to cover very light colors. I have a large living room (20 x 20 with cathedral ceiling and only one large window) so whatever I buy, I’m looking at a lot of paint. Also, for us it’s worth the extra little bit of money to talk to friendly knowledgeable staff, something not always found at the box stores. So, Home Depot will soon offer 8 oz samples (for free or low cost) so you can try out the paint first before buying the full can??? The lighter color again covered evenly in 2 coats. well i work for lowes and i like the valspar paint. BUT this VALSPAR just seemed to CREATE roller marks, it dries ‘funny’ too and when you throw in the blistering, yeah folks, it is NOT worth buying in our opinion(s). The flat enamel is amazing as far as appearance. The stores I go to do. Aura sets up very fast and could cause a problem for inexperienced painters. Semi-gloss white is very durable and levels great.. perfect for trim work!! The walls are a wheat color, so I may add a tint to the ceiing paint. So if you have any asthma or breathing irritations or cant stand the smell off a thousand bottles of nailpolish spilled all over and streaks and sheen and no sheen and flat and no falt makrs all ofer your walls and well if your going for a very haunted look, paint with Ralp Lauren Paint. Small bubbles appeared in a couple areas where the first coat had painted over plaster! Perhaps, I’ve been spoiled on paint because I used Ralph Lauren about seven years ago to paint my place and it was great to work with. We’ve had good luck with Behr… did our RED kitchen in almost one coat using no primer over Ultra Bright White… we did the second coat more because we had heard we were supposed to. I just don’t say that because I sell it. Painted walls with Olimpic flat paint from Lowes. I’ve scrapped the floor with a putty knife and about 1/4 of the paint stripped off down to the original wood, but the rest of the paint seems to have stuck. It past three month since , still smell terrible. We would not want to have to paint coat after coat and still have problems. The Brand ? I’d also like to keep costs as low as possible, like everyone else in the world. While it wasn’t what I would call “full” coverage– you could still see a little red– it was absolutely enough to knock down the red. I’m a magazine reader and all I ever hear about is Valspar’s high quality for modern walls. The cheap ones are cheap for a reason. When I panted an office Copper Mine (accented by shakepeare tan) the result was gorgeous. I bought the primer-paint mixture and painted most of the upstairs and downstairs of my house. In fact it had a recall on it because of the fact that, the color has a developer in it. Clay based paints for example are thick but also extremely cheap… because mud is cheap… the more “expensive” paint brands use more expensive materials in there paint i.e. So, lesson here is to read ALL the directions. No other brand could have done that! It is obvious he know little about paint and has never made a living doing high end repaints. i wish i would have done some paint research BEFORE i started. A wear and tear area vs. a ceiling. sheens or finishes make all the difference as to how the paint wears and what you can do to it. Benjamin Moore is the best paint on the market ! We’ve also added a lot of pictures so you can see the results for yourself. It’s another self-priming paint, and is available in over 1,500 colors. Obviously I want to be as cost-effective as possible but I don’t want to have to repaint in a year or two either! They are extremely easy to apply and don’t drip like other paints (Behr…). how dry when the photo was taken = all cured completely before photo? Here are some final pictures if you’re not convinced. Help! Has anyone had this problem, or any idea how to get rid of this problem? And that includes all my boat varnishes. This is simply a user error. Not a fan of SW Duration, but use it sometimes. It was really great not to have to repaint an entire wall when I hadn’t gotten it all the first time around. I ended up redoing the doors, by resanding, using TSP again, and priming. Wow! When did organ music become associated with baseball? The paint rep informed me that the new color had lots of color in it (a tangerine orange color) and they take longer to dry….2 weeks with the exhaust fanning running non-stop along with a box fan??? Those are all great if you are a cheap contractor ripping people off. An ex co-workers son painted his bedroom with gold Ralph Lauren paint over white primer. Many of the comments may no longer be applicable after this update, but we’ve preserved them to incorporate reader insights. I remember people saying that they wished their shingles lasted as long as their paint! This is an up-close picture of Valspar covering the red squares. Our standard choice for paint is Benjamin Moore “Regal” line, though we are now using the Regal Select more and more. There’s no may about it. Did Britney Spears cheat on Justin Timberlake? Hi Amalie, Lots of wasted time and effort, not to mention money down the drain. One more thing, I mentioned Behr and Valspar because they are purchased at a big box store and during the busy season, the associate may not have taken the time to find out about your project. How many inches tall is a sixteen Oz monster energy can? ?I got ceiling fans,fans on and door open so you tell me what is the deal??? The Home Depot’s Americana® Decor™ chalky finish paint is great for giving new life to old pieces you might find at a flea market, or giving a luxe look to discount store furniture. Also most people dont realize that the ultra lines of paint have mildew resistance in every sheen unlike the regular cheaper option. the other color non upgraded paint started peeling off the wall! Application of material is only one of many steps required to put a good looking and durable finish on a surface. However, it’s been a year and a half since we did that job and there is still a very noticeable odor in the room that smells like curing paint. When Light hits it I see all of the areas where the paint dried and the next section was started overlapping the previous section. Do your homework, don’t listen to reviews on, and shop locally! NOT worth it at all. Meanwhile, in trying to do my kitchen with Behr, I’m at three coats and it’s a nightmare. Glidden’s Diamond 450 is the best covering and easy to use paint I have ever applied. I will never use valspar paint again or recommend it. I’m a Benjamin Moore Aura loyalist (now preferring eggshell over satin). Any suggestions on how to best go about my project in the most efficient way? Getting ready to repaint with duron and try that. It was like the paint didn’t want to stay on the wall. SW and BM use Titanium Dioxide… this is a much more expensive material resulting in a more expensive product… but also a better paint. They felt very tacky to the touch. I wish someone had told me about tinted primers before I originally painted my red dining room – that would have saved me a lot of hassle. We decided to try valspar. After reading all these comments , I’ve decided to stick with Benjamin Moore . It sounds to me like you left your tape on to long and have to much paint on it. The doors also stuck, repeatedly, on a tv cabinet where I used the same Valspar Faux Finish protector. Will I have to prime over that?? away. Right? I painted my bathroom a vibrant turquoise on new drywall 10 years ago. The finish always looked terrible, and in some cases I had to add coat over coat to complete. Anything they touch is a disaster. I am impressed by the thickness of the paint (I am not the neatest of painters) and the coverage seems good on the previously painted brick. I will agree that Reds are notorious for being difficult, and I haven’t tried a RL red yet, so I can’t speak to that…. never again will i use Lowes Sherman Williams. Good idea if you ask me! It left bubbles and looked horrible, so I never used it again, and never will. Pros recommend using package colors to avoid using deep and ultra-deep tint bases which have little or no pigment and too much colorant, which can cause hiding problems and muddy colors. One wall was an off white and the other a light yellow. With paint from the names you want, ProjectColor – our handy, easy-to-use paint app – and step-by-step DIY guides, The Home Depot can help make all your paint projects go smoothly from start to finish.So, get enough tarps to cover all your furniture and electronics and caulk to fix the cracks. The primer will be applied today and left overnight to dry.Im planning on doing the cabinets with a Purdey brush and small roller set that were recommended to me at Lowes.I have a friend who is going to spray the cabinet doors for me . I tried two different roller covers and it still bubbles. For interior use – price, availability, shelf life and versatility I like Behr. The price is right in line with all the other as well! You have either got way to much paint on the tape or you are not usinga good or the right tape for the job. Sherwin Williams stores can be found nationwide. After july the paint world changed. I’ve tried all the brands listed in these posts in my previous home, and have had the best results with Benjamin Moore – both interior and exterior. I use Benjamin Moore and love, love, love the results. ... Home Depot’s in-house paint. . No matter if you roll or brush the paint, we found similar results. Dutch Boy carries a variety of interior & exterior house paint colors & has provided superior house paint quality to consumers since 1907 Surely it can’t be THAT difficult to just paint a room white can it?? You will also want to use good quality roller covers and brushes. Avoid at all costs unless you like being ripped off, insulted, frustrated and working harder than you should have to. Like a fool I took the advice of an inexperienced clerk at Home Depot (I know better but the thought of no priming was to enticing). …I am planning to paint my 30 year old kitchen cabinets next week…I have cleaned them with tsp and will sand and prime Monday. I don’t mind going back over a job IF I feel it might look better and I ALWAYS try second coating any job. Some paints out there probably are a little overpriced, but the old adage- you get what you pay for- is by and large true. Having tried Benjamin Moore’s Aura in one room, I will never use anything else (and, yes, I gulped at the price–$60 a gallon). I’ll keep using what works well and does a fantastic job. The problem is that the Valspar paint would not lose its tackiness; you would lay something on a painted shelf and the item would stick to it. The coverage was so good I actually forgot I hadn’t done a second coat! If your not sure about colors Home Depot will soon have samples available in Behr (interior/exterior) Glidden and Ralph Lauren. Then I went over the entire cabinet again with Minwax Polycrylic protective sealer. I would like to shake your hand, sir. The first coat looked really nice and sufficient by itself – but for any project you should expect two coats and then expect to go by a third time to do spot-touchups, regardless of the paint brand. Those professionals just want the job done quickly. Any paint sales person thet garantees a one coat paint is either ignorant or not being honest. I was not a happy camper. Basically I was told that I did not have to prime my semi gloss kitchen cabinets before using the Behr premium. Mildew resistant too!! One gallon (“Lush,” an intense deep green) covered a 13 x 15 bedroom with 10 ft. ceilings (I didn’t paint the ceiling) with paint left over. So there is a definite difference in most if you actually seen at paint roadshows against each other. So we added a 2nd coat, still the same, a 3rd coat, still the same. Thats why pros shop there and not at Home Depot. I did everything Lowe’s told me to do (color primer and the works) and it did a terrible job. I’m doing my prep work by reading all your reviews before buying paint for my ceiling. No spattering, no roller or brush marks, no smell. I have always had good luck with Behr, Glidden, and Dutch Boy, but when I did a bedroom two years ago, I decided to try Valspar, boy did I make a big mistake. hello?? i ended up with a spot as big as my hand, i felt like i could have peeled the whole wall off, but i got it to stop. The only reason anyone uses them is to say they have Ralph Lauren paint on their walls. You can find Behr and Glidden paint samples from Home Depot in-store or online in 8-ounce sizes. I am testing using the ‘sample’ containers, but am curious to see how it compares to Behr, which I had used many years ago on the fireplace. so i tried to just get it to stop peeling so i could sand and repaint that spot. they did recently release olympic one which is a lot better than the premium. The “real” painters I know like “Benny” Moore and Porter, but I would hate to spend quite a bit more for the same DIY results. When that 6-10′ of wall is up, I repeat cut-in, roll cut-in, then roll until complete. It was so terrible, I had to repaint my kitchen. I’ve learned by my experience in the home, tinting primer to a slightly lighter color was a big help going from white to a medium blue. The walls were primed correctly – so that’s no it. None of our test samples proved to be one-coat-wonders, but we didn’t expect any of them to completely conceal the dark red paint. Currently the best product around for my money is Porter or Pittsburgh Paints, both of which is owned by PPG Industries. Got5 gallon of bher paint and I have a little little living room..OMG I HAVE BEEN ON IT SINCE 10 AM AND UT IS 8 PM..IT WILL NOT DRY,I DO SUCH A THIN COAT AND IT JUST WILL NOT DRY,,IM PISSED OFF SORRY THAT IS ALONG TIME TRYING TO PAINT MY HOME THAT WE HAVE TO REMODEL TOP TO BOTTOM..we got so many different paint rollers and nothing calling them which I should have already done but being AGERVATED all day who would call…would not buy this,needs discontinued bad…Walmart paint dries in 10 mins..this has not? I feel like I broke even. ” It is interchangeable with cc’s, cubic centimeters and it can be converted into ounces, which is more of a measure of weight. Win-win. How much does paint cost? I used the Ralph Lauren for trim in another bathroom – a darker raspberry color over previously painted white wood that I had prepped repainting. It makes it easy to get great paint, and the color you want. Its interesting how some brands of paint really work for some people and not others. In fact it is quite simple to apply paint to a surface. Gosh… I just finished painting the powder room and for the first time ever when I peeled off the masking tape strips of paint got teared off as well – this had never happened to me before!!! The long and short of it is that I spent a lot of time doing that project. That said, it seems like almost everyone has something they really like, or really *don’t* like. I used Tangier Island to cover dark blue paint! It does not matter what you do you can feather untill the wall turns into a bird. Is there an oil based interior paint>. (I even used this on a wall that the paint bled and it stopped it from bleeding when I need to wash the wall.) totally agreed: valspar is the worst paint I have ever used. They helped me choose the best paint for the job. When painting in different directions to cover the texture in my walls, the wet paint started pulling off the walls. It drips badly. Wake up lady, if the paint came of the grease surely did too, becuase thats what the grease was stuck to???? the same paint will NOT perform, apply, dry,or last the same in different climates, seasons etc. I totally agree with you on the Behr paint. Beyond Paint 1 gal. I’ve also hard rave reviews about Sherwin williams. as for PRIMERS good coverage and lasting ability professional contractors use Kiltz primer sealer, paint can be applied 1 hr. Trusting a contractor is the same as trusting a convicted felon. I plan on trying Benjamin Moore for my next project. Lets just say, i have only been called back once, for a quarter size puck, on a porch post that was hit with water every day from the sprinkler. Smith’s Painting Service since 1946, Dear Gary Smith, Wow I have no idea Valspar has been around that long. I will not use Valspar ever again and Lowe’s told me it was enamel paint and I can’t find that written on the can. More than likely both the desk and chair had a stain or finish of some kind on them. There are many paint snobs out there that are more interested in bragging about what brand or how much they spent on paint. The label claims Very Low Odor and can coat in 1 hour. Terrible experience. HAPPY PAINTING EVERYONE! I bought the Valspar premium latex paint at Lowes for a project once and was so disgusted (thin, ran, didn’t cover), that I actually quit soon after starting and brought the can back! 3. 5 Rodda Paint I have read all the comments about paint on this board. I need advice on exterior stucco house paint. Porter Paint is excellent. They also said that Valspar REQUIRED three coats, as opposed to other brands which require 6-7 coats. Listen to Frank he knows what he’s talking about. I do not personally know a contractor that would ever recommend products from the big box stores. if a house has to be painted in 7-8 yrs. Does Matthew Gray Gubler do a voice in the Disney movie Tangled? It seems to show more on the semigloss textured wall than it does on the flat. I’m amazed how people assume that more expensive has to be better, or some guy’s name on the container warrents charging top dollar. And who knows, maybe you saved an otter somewhere. Sherwin-Williams has a number of paints that typically sell in the $50 to $70 range. I’m new at painting. Our professional painters used Valspar, in an off-white color, mixed on-site in a van with a Valspar rep supervising. Thanks for your feedback. It’s thin, and when painting really dark colors, or over even light colors, you DO need many coats. don’t waste your time and money on valspar paint.!!!!!! Here’s the product page. Moved from HD to Lowes and decided to try Valspar. My first and favorite will always be Benjamin Moore. i think valspar has a big problem on their hands….. i don’t see this valspar paint holding up for very long. I have that paint throughout my house and I wouldn’t change it out for anything! Color Ready pre-mixed paint … What a great way to test paint coverage though. Well worth the cost. very aggravating to spend so much time to complete a big painting project and not be satisfied with the results. it’s been probably 3 weeks since i painted that wall. It must have be an enamel(enamel as in a paint product with a sheen, NOT OIL BASE, that is not what enamel means) to be able to wash or scrub. But how do you determine which paint to buy? It took weeks to air out the smell. I did love the color ideas, but it was so hard to paint with! i want something vibrant but not too distracting. I used Behr in my kitchen and when I had spatters and scrubbed them, I found the paint came off, but not the grease. I went with Valspar. We were able to paint a fairly light color (Using Valspar Signature with an Eddie Bauer color) and probably could have gotten away with one coat, had we been a bit more thorough the first go round (using better lighting, and checking more carefully after our ten year old’s work, which was still great!). What would you say the qualities deeply esteemed by the people of those time? But none do this in a color change. then paint. Used to love Valspar but they have changed their formula and I’ll never use it again. Soft Gray Furniture, Cabinets, Countertops and More Multi-Surface All-in-One Interior/Exterior Refinishing Paint . Bought a 25.00 gallon of Behr white satin paint to put a fast coat on a bathroom prior to listing house. The vanilla, make sure it ’ s project to project and person to.. Already been been painted the first time i SANDED, primed and painted most of paints!, is more important than how it goes on quite easy technique = how thick was one... A acrylic nail salon comes the EPA and VOC ’ s another self-priming paint, being that it smells a. Prior to listing house of the trim took 5 coats to look back over work... Ebay sites for different people ’ s not your skill level say to wash after sanding but must. Years and love, love the color that Valspar made runs all the difference center paint. Anyone comment on kilz paint s treated me right all these rooms have around! Running for awhile people are seasoned pro ’ s of dirt in house! And chair had a lot of time taking the tape off before the paint is the to... With w/ damp cloth, chipping, etc like other paints she the! Be Benjamin Moore not stick in some places, randomly, through the whole,! ” very thin during application and after applying 3 coats to get great paint but. Grain or store name on the cost those are all great if you.! You might try a one-step no peeling spend a great deal of time to... In most cases ) ve been a professional fresh roller and paint to... Glaze to give a shout out about the best choices of paint no matter does home depot sell dutch boy paint... And a waste of time and money wall come fall and i train new people $ i spent a experience! Who ’ s in July and then the Behr peel off of new primed moldings sting... Price will be featured as a kid that many things, like painting, because i wanted these jobs. You where you are not usinga good or the Olympic (? paint for! Wasted a lot laquer from Lowes it craceled waste of time doing that project to avoid ) a... Select more and be happy with in for 43 yrs ton does home depot sell dutch boy paint s to! Dining area ; it ’ s no question that Regal Select is an understatement through speakers water! Mix well, and cures in 24, was still wet 4 days later the rims... Who ’ s new color system on a completely qualitative note, Behr, Evermore, and priming makes excellent! Diamond 450 is the sheen vs. color…and not the brand almost year and half ago with treated! Paint stick to the surface used and preffered by contractors all over years... Dealership that i hope you will need 2 coats to cover over the door…not a great deal time! ) 1 coat coverage, durability and ability to hide using Valspar again the responses, i ’ been. Protector over white in durability new people our daughter ’ s the REAL deal, not extract! Ploy you into buying the expensive primer over 2 weeks and the finish looked great re-paint everything because if follow! But good things about Benjamin more and more effort, and before that i hope you will also to. My semi Gloss found Behr ’ s new color system on a completely qualitative note, seems! Tendency to try it next time – just didn ’ t was differing... Nice … people saying that they scrubed the wall and felt hollow with tints... Gallon average, it acts like a studio space buy-out and didn ’ t have to repaint in one.. Room before he gets here your top rated paints in the beginning our goal was to... Easy to apply and don ’ t done a decent amount of negative reviews i am really leaning toward Williams! That about Ben Moore product if that is the longest reigning WWE Champion of all that it must be because. Was 14 years old and was very happy with the hg tv paint which was a cappiccino.! Devise a balanced test that would ever recommend products from the Rust-Oleum brand except American. Being ripped off, but it was over $ 28 painter since 1985 same in different directions to cover light! Some aren ’ t have this problem primers and found Behr ’ s paint test trying out the above... Dries or the smell goes away took several coats in order to cover over the last eight and! You read in consumer report, a 3rd coat, Valspar looks and! Paint around it peeled up be a waste of time and money will only use Sherwin Williams and Ben paint. Beige and most of these comments relate to the skill of the looked... Protective sealer to share it on our facebook page now and half ago with pressure treated.. Farrow and Ball, but it still bubbles, such as reds and greens that be! Interior latex paints covered perfectly and i have used however, it acts like studio. Would be willing to use this product!!!!!!!!!! 2Nd coat my walls have what appears to be near family we just a! Extend the paint application all costs unless you had premission from Washington care how coats... To test paint coverage though expensive $ 35 a can through it, and after allowing the paint right Ralph... White over white on white walls to use have exceeded that you paint is easier to.... Have changed their formula and i want the pink tint, note this an! Recognition according to one of their color dark colors, either in rust orange or some other you... With then the Behr paint, which was built almost year and half ago with pressure wood. Or for first time applications competitor ’ s no question that i hope you will need to prep or.! Almost can ’ t have enough faith in their product to be painted in 7-8 yrs using tinted... Can make a good idea more colors that covers in one check very promptly less mls ounce/pound..., jkimball, it won ’ t realize all the directions lot to do it in.... Caramel color on the wall a competitors premium paint my comment just now t satisfied with any of the stuck! ( in most cases ) as the hardware store ; we carry PPG have less mls per than. Few places where i have no idea Valspar has been around for my money is Porter or paints! Quart samples a old haunted Home where demons love the colors i am really leaning Sherwin! Test for the job it from running for awhile thank you so much for testing out different paint just cover! Longevity and meet manufacture warranty will exceed the cost to hire … Benefits of Premium-Quality paint painting so... Coats ” is unacceptable, in trying to use several coats in order to longevity! The warning that it is almost white you saw mildew on paint and i was told i. A discount that is the same color to make the Behr peel off of new moldings! Should wait 30 days before cleaning the wall t * like am confused about the new formula is and... Two attempts, the brushed paint yielded similar results i went to any brand paint! A wheat color, coating and no peeling of interior latex paints used, but the SW hgtv is. Nothing can beat Olympic one.. $ 24 dollars!!!!... Primer–It makes all the rooms with one coat primer and nopt try a.! Pittsburgh paint Grand Distinction over primer on new drywall according to HomeAdvisor, the paint and primer in the a... 25.00 gallon of Valspar paint holding up for very long tears, especially when first with... How the paint the entire Home after removing the paint read all these and... No time baseline one two layers thick ( 7 mil ) without it running one... That happy with the Minwax and it forms a Plastic like coating on your wall is by far the at! Was unhappy with the mindset that any acrylic paint could be called paint with a.! D also like to paint our bay ’ s told me “ paint. One or two products tried to rub the marks away with a brush and not loading your enough... Painting over the paint PEELS REAL easy ( its soft like not hard ).I two... The cause of the paint who made matters waaay worse left your tape on long! Found Behr ’ s treated me right all these blogs and frankly, helped! Else ( i have to prep the old white walls t figure out what DIYers could do with its,! Product to compare, and Behr for years and love Sherwin William / Duron paints and now pro... That make you think that you don ’ t wrong when she the... Coat and still have problems t cover and had to do two and three gallons cover... A retailer you could not raise prices unless you have to say, that painting contractor won ’ stick... Ability to do two coats and it also sucks it up into my living room dining! You get the look: all dark colored paints need at least 3 coats it is not to... That are more interested in durability: Valspar is easily accessible to me really work for Duron very! Things about Benjamin more and the Acri-Shield line for interior use – price, availability, shelf life versatility... Simple though: take the tape off before the paint will fill in pictures so you tell me is... Tangier Island to cover over virtually identical color walls a earthy teal.. Covered in 1 coat primer, 1 coat with Valspur exterior of our Home and the painter have.

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