Someone recently asked me what’s trending this year in wedding design. I had to stop and think for a second because we’re really not seeing the same color palate or décor requests over and over for 2018 brides. Then it clicked. It’s about the experience. More than ever before, just about everyone we’re meeting with is asking, ‘How can we show our guests we really care for them and that’s why they’re invited? How can we give them a really fun overall day?’  SWOON! Right now, couples don’t necessarily want to put on a big, showy wedding look, they’re going for the feel – how do I make my guests feel welcome and special? So keep scrolling for 10 ways to make the experience matter for you and your guests at your wedding, party or corporate event!

Welcome Party

If you really want to show your guests a fun weekend, start the party early! Throw a welcome party the day before the wedding. We’ve done afternoon luncheons, evening cocktail hour after the rehearsal dinner and even a live band the night before the big day to get guests in the groove.

Escort Excellence

Many couples are now choosing to give wedding “favors” in a meaningful way… at the beginning of the reception. Find a cute way to tie in an escort card to your theme – we’ve done mini taxi cabs, succulents and rocks to name a few.

The Donut Man!

Who doesn’t love hot, fresh donuts? We’ve had this guy at a few events and he’s always such a hit! BONUS: Personalized bags for guests to take a few for the car ride home or back to the hotel.

Picture Perfect

Hire a quick-sketch artist to draw your guests while they do their thing. A good one will blend in without guests even knowing someone is watching them! When the sketch is complete, the artist presents it to the guest(s) to keep.

Dress the Part

Ask your planners, food servers or other vendors to dress to your theme. Or consider hiring someone to wear a costume and engage with guests. It’s a really fun way to help everyone remember the day!

Say Cheese!

InstaX and other types of new “polaroid” cameras are so easy to get and easy to use. Put them on dinner or cocktail tables and leave it to your guests to get creative, or set up a photo booth with fun props and encourage guests to snap away.

Let Them Play

Find a quick, fun activity or craft for guests to do, set it up off to the side at your reception or cocktail hour… and consider making a competition out of it! Pinterest is a fantastic tool to help with craft ideas like this snowman building station!

Pass a Note

Yes, this takes time, but it doesn’t have to be really long. Find a creative way to give each guest (or couple) a handwritten note with a fun memory or a simple thank you for making the trip. They’ll feel so appreciated!