Oh hey there, Basilica Monday! We’re inching closer to spring and that can only mean one thing: WEDDING SEASON IS ALMOST HERE! We get really pumped to get back in the swing of things, like when we have four or five weddings in a single weekend and we’re so crazy busy we don’t even know which way is up. But if you think we’ve spent our “off season” sitting around the fireplace at book club or eating cake (ok, we’ve done a  little of both), think again! For us, winter is all about inspiration.

“I put myself outside,” says Merry Me Lead Designer and Owner, Cher Goggins. “I allow myself to be inspired by my surroundings and see what’s right in front of me. This is the time of year I get really creative and I can connect with who I am and what I can do to set myself apart.”

Part of making that happen also means getting away. Each January, Cher and her husband Kevin (who is also co-owner of Merry Me) travel to The Special Event, an educational and networking conference in New Orleans for event professionals like us! We learn and see SO MUCH during this event and meet hundreds of people who – like us – are in the business of throwing fabulous parties.

Then in early March, Team Orange head up to the Great Lakes Floral and Event Show in Grand Rapids, MI. Not only is it a wonderful bonding experience for us, but we see the most amazing design work with fresh flowers and get some awesome hands-on training!

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The Special Event 2018

Great Lakes Floral & Event Show