Sooooo we have some big news. Since Trisha Yearwood just announced her plan to take Trisha’s Tailgate on the road with Garth Brooks’ Stadium Tour, we figured we should probably let the cat out of the bag. You guys, she’s taking Team Orange with her! We’ve already done multiple site visits and are in the final stages of planning… the first event in St. Louis is just 5 weeks away! We’ll be recreating the custom tailgate experience we designed at Notre Dame last October (with some special local touches, of course).

This whole thing started six months ago when Trisha and her crew picked Merry Me to bring her vision to life for 1,500 people at the inaugural Trisha’s Tailgate at Notre Dame. Yes – they chose us. The small town Southwest Michigan company, owned and operated by a humble, hard-working husband and wife team. The company that employs a very small (but growing!) team of the best raw talent in the Midwest when it comes to floral, atmosphere, interior and creative design. The team that doesn’t stop until our clients are thrilled. The team that never saw this coming, but couldn’t say no to such an incredible opportunity. We’re still pinching ourselves.

We are floored. We are working like crazy. We are bringing on two brand new, very experienced event coordinators and already hired a full time administrative assistant to help with this unplanned expansion of who we are and what we do. But here’s what else we want you to know… we are more committed than ever to creating custom, unique experiences for our existing and future clients in the South Bend area. You are our home. You are our priority. We’re not going anywhere, and we will continue to exceed your expectations in everything we do. That’s a promise.

Thank you for trusting us. Thank you for loving us. Be sure to follow #merrymeadventures, and buckle up for an unforgettable 2019!