Whew! Planning and executing Kate + Jerone’s fabulous weekend of wedding events was inspiring, fun and a whole lotta hard work. Instead of just showing images of the end product, we thought you might enjoy seeing part of the process of how we worked with some of our partners to bring the bride and groom’s vision to life. The reception theme was, In the Right Light at the Right Time, Everything is Extraordinary. And oh, how it was!


ProShow DJ Service & Specialty Rentals

What better place to start? Lighting really can make all the difference in how a space looks and feels. ProShow started rigging lights on Tuesday before the Saturday wedding and put countless hours into making sure everything was perfect. Here’s the transformation through Tuesday evening’s first “light check.”

The Brooklyn Bridge

Kate + Jeroen have special ties to both Notre Dame AND Brooklyn, New York. For us, that spelled immediate inspiration to create something magical and meaningful! We brought our Brooklyn Bridge replica into the big barn at St. Joe Farm before we did anything else, because we knew there wouldn’t be much room to maneuver it after we began production. The day before the reception, we reinforced it with cables discreetly connected to the barn ceiling to make sure it stayed put all night. ProShow decked it out with lighting, and we added those adorable little taxi cabs that held the couple’s escort cards. It was a hit!

Working with our friends at Venue ND, we planned, coordinated and provided fresh flowers for Kate + Jeroen’s rehearsal dinner and welcome party inside the brand new Corbett Hall on the 7th floor Downes Terrace and Landing. Thanks to some special connections, the bride and groom saw their name in lights on the brand new video board inside Notre Dame Stadium… How awesome is that? Our own PaperThread (a division of Merry Me Events) designed all of the stationary for the evening, alongside the cute little donut bags. YES, there were hot & fresh donuts on hand! The evening ended with dancing and singing to Blammo on the terrace. Such a gorgeous fall evening on campus!

Cocktail Lounge

We started with a blank space, an open area next to the big barn at St. Joe Farm. But when Aay’s Event Rental put up their awesome “sail tent” late in the week, ProShow strung a few more lights and we brought in all of our furniture, the tent took on a life of its own. Add a few personal touches, decor, fresh floral and she was gorgeous… even in the pouring rain.

The Barn

St. Joe Farm

This was the MAIN EVENT. As with all of our full service weddings where we provide planning, coordinating, decor & fresh floral, we prepped for weeks. And watching it come together in the end is always worth the hard work our team puts in. Stay tuned for pics from the professional photographer… we promise to share them the second we get our hands on them!

Congratulations, Kate + Jeroen… If rain on your wedding day is good luck, you two better buy a lottery ticket ASAP. Thank you for being Extraordinary!

After Party + Farewell Breakfast: Rohr’s Pub
Full Service Planning + Coordinating + Design + Fresh Flowers (Entire Weekend): Merry Me Events
Guest Accomodations: Morris Inn 
Late Night Snack: Ben’s Pretzels
Torrential Rain: God
Transportation: Royal Excursion
NYC Taxis for Excort Cards: Dille family
Reception Venue: St. Joe Farm 
Rentals (Tent + Chairs + Tables): Aay’s Event Rental
Specialty Lighting: ProShow
Wedding Venue: Basilica of the Sacred Heart at The University of Notre Dame
Welcome Boxes: Sugarfina
Welcome Party Venue: Venue ND – Corbett Hall, 7th Floor Downes Terrace & Landing
Welcome Party Band: Blammo 
Wedding Reception Band: Jerry Ross Band (Detroit)

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