If you don’t follow collegiate football too closely, you may not know it’s been an exciting couple days in the world of Notre Dame Football. Over the weekend, the university welcomed more than 70 young men and some of their parents on campus for its annual recruiting event. It’s a big deal. These are the players the team wants to impress… and who better to execute that play than Merry Me? Sunday afternoon, Notre Dame hosted a sendoff BBQ luncheon in Jordan Hall – the gorgeous science building on the east side of campus, close to the Guglielmino Althetics Complex and Notre Dame Stadium. We go gaga over all the natural light in this building every time we’re there. It’s stunning!

Our mission? Coordinate an impressive and energetic, yet understated (these kids are in high school – we don’t want to overwhelm them) event that leaves the prospects feeling really good about everything the university has to offer. And let’s be real… a beautiful Sunday afternoon in June with the Kona Ice Truck and Touchdown Jesus? Who WOULDN’T want to say yes?

Event Coordination + Design: Merry Me Events
Venue: Jordan Hall at the University of Notre Dame
Sound & Tech: ProShow 
Catering: Pioneer Meats