Back in the day – OK, only like 15 years ago – when a man and woman got married, they had to wait weeks before seeing pictures from their wedding day. We’re talking no “sneak peeks” of the bride in her wedding gown. Or how a couple’s reception decor came together. No candids of friends on the dance floor. And especially no snapshots of their drunk friend Jimmy peeing in the bushes outside the reception hall.  That’s just the way it was. But today? HALLELUJAH! It’s a whole new scene.  All those young, vibrant & technology savvy Millennials + Generation Z-ers are so lucky.  They get to see photos from their wedding day pretty much on the spot. Yes, they all have social media (Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, etc.) but watching couples and their guests use those networks to actually chronicle the wedding day – and the days, weeks & months leading up to it – is so much #fun.

We know, we know… #hashtags can be super confusing. What do they mean? Why use them? And if you’re in that percent of the population asking what the heck a hashtag even is, we won’t laugh. But please allow us to briefly explain. In the social media world, a “hashtag” is a hash mark or pound sign, then a word or series of words about a topic. The idea is to “tag” pictures or posts so they’re easy to find later. Here’s how it works: we sometimes post pictures on social media with the hashtag #areyoumerryyet. If you logged onto Instagram right now and searched that exact hashtag, you would see all of our posts (and any others) that used it. To see how some of our brides & grooms have used it, keep scrolling!

First things first… you’ve gotta let your guests know what your hashtag is if they’re going to use it. This is a good chance to do something creative + unexpected!

#lovethelaidigs    Maddie+Nate selected their hashtag shortly after becoming engaged. Because of that, they chronicled every step of their engagement & wedding festivities.

#jimmygettingmaryd    The guest perspective is always lots of fun… especially when they get shots like these!

#albertandken    A gorgeous outdoor ceremony + barn reception captured through the eyes of this thoughtful couple’s loved ones.

#finallythealexanders   Another fun one documented throughout the engagement and the wedding day.

A few more hashtag hints:

Do your homework. If you have a good idea for a hashtag, do a quick search on social media to see if it’s previously been used and if so, how. The last thing you need is grandma looking up a hashtag that would make her blush.

The wittier, the better. It’s fun to use the bride + groom’s names or a combination of the two with the new last name. Did you meet somewhere funny? Can you incorporate your dog’s name, college major or where you live? have fun with it!

Less is more. Choose something cute, but not too long or difficult to remember. Especially if guests will be typing it in after a few cocktails.

Happy Hashtagging!

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