Imaginative Floral Design

In house design studio. Fresh flowers or imaginative silk designs from the modest to the magnificent!


Comprehensive Event Planning

Weddings and parties



Residential or Commercial. Indoors and out!


Social Gatherings

Mitzvahs | Birthdays | Baby Showers | Graduation Parties | Anniversary



Small business to large corporate events. We design and execute big or small.



Treasured nostalgic decor elements.

Thank you so much for making our vision into a reality. Our wedding was perfect!

Matt + Kaylan

WoW! you all are a talent beyond words!
I adored my perfect bouquet...
You all not only make lovely things but you are lovely, wonderful people. It was such joy to work with you


Thank you for you and your team for an amazing football season
I can't thank you enough for all you do and always doing a great job bringing my vision to life


You went above and beyond from day one, i was totally blown away by every single detail...
You made every step so easy and relaxing and i'm so glad i could enjoy my wedding without stressing out about it.

Danielle and Mike

How can I begin to thank you for all you did for Brian and Kathy's wedding? I knew the reception would be beautiful, but once agin i was blown away! the flowers were stunning!

May 19, 2019

Sunday Fun Day | Here Come the Graduates!

It's here! The Irish Class of 2019 graduates TODAY, and we've had a blast partying (well, does designing + decorating count?) the past four days…
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Merry Monday
May 6, 2019

Merry Monday | 21st Birthday Bash

Sure, a 21st birthday at the bars sounds OK, but what about renting out an entire upscale, swanky space just for you and your friends?…
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Wedding Wednesday
May 2, 2019

Wedding Wednesday | The Wow Factor

Anne and Matthew wanted to make an impression on their guests. They wanted to build a moment of anticipation that led to a big reveal,…
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Florist at work: pretty young blond woman making fashion modern bouquet of different flowers
Merry Moments
April 27, 2019

Sunday Fun Day | Send Mama Some Love!

We know what Mom wants for Mother's Day. Trust us… there are lots of moms over here on Team Orange! Alright, sending her on an…
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Wedding Wednesday
April 25, 2019

Wedding Wednesday | Warm Wedding Welcome

Bring in the furniture! A little staging can take an otherwise stark space and turn it into a warm (and memorable) welcome for your guests.…
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Merry MomentsMerry Monday
April 22, 2019

Merry Monday | Behind the Scenes at Trisha’s Tailgate

Alright y'all, time for a little behind-the-scenes action! We're fresh off Trisha's Tailgate Gainesville and wanted to give you an inside look at how these…
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